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Temporary Graphic Designer Western Main Campus
Do you want to support Extended Education’s marketing department through the development of creative assets that promote the visual awareness of Western’s brand and programs?
Program Coordinator Western Main Campus
Interested in becoming part of Compass 2 Campus? We create opportunities for Western Washington University students to mentor 5th-12th grade students from traditionally underrepresented and diverse backgrounds in Whatcom and Skagit counties. You would join our team to assist staff, students and faculty in the coordination of our program. Additionally, you would help plan various internal events. Apply now!
AS KUGS Maintenance Engineer 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS KUGS Maintenance Engineer is responsible, in consultation with the station staff, for the maintenance, improvement, and security of all studio equipment, as well as monitoring equipment use and integrity with regards to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.
AS KUGS-FM Marketing and Development Director 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS KUGS Marketing and Development Director is responsible for the overall marketing and promotion of KUGS-FM through press releases, mailing lists, internet communities and publicity correspondence, and coordinating on-air giveaways including but not limited to concert tickets. Responsible for securing underwriting support from local businesses, establish and maintain positive relationships with the local business community and possible financial supporters of KUGS. (Note that the marketing responsibilities were placed first then development)
AS KUGS-FM News & Public Affairs Director 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS KUGS News & Public Affairs Director is responsible for KUGS On-Air news and public affairs programming along with ensuring that all material broadcast as part of the news and public affairs programming meets the standards of quality broadcasting, ethical journalism, and station policies. The KUGS-News & Public Affairs Director is responsible for training volunteer newsreaders and public affairs volunteers.
AS KUGS-FM Music Director 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS KUGS Music Director is responsible for maintaining the rotation system for airplay of music on KUGS. The Music Director maintains contacts with record distribution companies. The Music Director works in coordination with the Specialty Music Coordinator to assure the quality and security of the KUGS Music Library.
Admissions Processing Manager Western Main Campus
Are you interested in coordinating, monitoring, and streamlining application processing workflow for the Office of Admissions?
Program Coordinator Western on the Peninsulas – Poulsbo
This Program Coordinator position plays a vital role in helping students achieve their dreams!
AS KUGS-FM Operations Coordinator Western Main Campus
The AS KUGS Operations Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the daily program logs, including the rotation of all pre-recorded announcements, pre-recorded programs, and FCC required announcements. The Operations Coordinator also coordinates KUGS in-house audio production of promotional spots, public service announcements, news and public affairs programs, and underwriting announcements.
AS KUGS-FM Program Director 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS KUGS Program Director is responsible for KUGS on-air programming. Through the supervision of KUGS core and on-air staff members, the Program Director ensures that the content of KUGS on-air programming complies with station policies and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations while addressing the needs of our listeners.
AS KUGS-FM Specialty Music Coordinator/Music Librarian 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS KUGS Specialty Music Coordinator/Music Librarian acts as a liaison between KUGS-FM Specialty Show Programmers and record distribution companies to improve the KUGS-FM Music Library. The Specialty Music Coordinator/Music Librarian is also responsible for the security, preservation and maintenance of the sound recording collections housed in the KUGS Music Library.
AS Legal Information Center Coordinator 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS Legal Information Center (LIC) Coordinator is responsible for implementing and maintaining the LIC Statement of Purpose and goals of the office, supervising all volunteers and work study staff, and coordinator the compilation of legal resources for students. The LIC exists to encourage students to make informed choices and help students take an active role in their own legal matters. The LIC works to provide the Western community with support, the opportunity to exchange ideas and become aware of legal issues through programming, resource referral, and the development of a "safe space" on campus.
AS Legal Information Center Program Support Staff 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The Legal Information Center Hourly Staff member assists the Legal Information Center Coordinator in outreach, peer advising, and programming for the office.
AS Veteran Community Coordinator 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS Veteran Community Coordinator is responsible for coordinating events and fostering community among student Veterans while working closely with both the Veteran Services Office and the Associated Students.
AS Publicity Center Distribution Coordinator 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The Distribution Coordinator ensures the timely dissemination of publicity materials which may include posters, fliers, table tents, banners, newspapers, etc.
AS REP Committee Coordinator 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The Committee Coordinator position is responsible for coordinating Associated Students and University committees by facilitating student recruitment, appointment, training, and recognition.
AS Productions Films Coordinator 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
ASP Films hosts a number film screening events on campus each year in order to entertain students and to increase film appreciation on Western's campus. The Films Coordinator is responsible for the planning and implementation of these events, including the selection of films and the securing of copyright licensing.
AS Review Writer 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The AS Review serves as a hub of information about Associated Students (AS) events, and as a source for AS - related news and other issues of student concern. The AS Review is comprised of a news section, which seeks to provide timely coverage of issues that are relevant to Western students; a calendar highlighting upcoming events on and off campus; articles both reviewing and previewing these events; and an editorials and opinions section featuring AS club and students submissions, as well as staff editorials. The AS Review Writer is responsible for the timely completion of stories assigned by the AS Review Editor.
AS Assessment Coordinator 2018-2019 Western Main Campus
The Assessment Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation, management, and improvement of the AS Assessment Process. The Assessment Coordinator works closely with the AS Vice President for Business & Operations to develop and present reports, to the AS Board of Directors, regarding office and program improvement.
AS Outback OELP Summer Apprentice Position 2018 Western Main Campus
The Outback Summer Apprentice assists in the cultivation of the Outback Farm, maintenance of the space, and success of summer programs. The apprenticeship is designed to both benefit the Outback OELP and provide the employee with hands-on education in small-scale organic agriculture.

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